Angel Comments and Stories

The following comments were submitted from individuals, just like you, who have been touched by one of my Angels. If you like to share your Angel comments or stories and be included on this page, please email your story to

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I'm the proud owner of Holly!

I wouldn't trade her for the world! She is beautiful and graces our home with joy and hope and love. My heart smiles every single time I look at her.

Beth - Camarillo, California


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Hi Beth,

"Holly" has alot of your character. She is sweet, joyful and a great hugger. I am happy that she has become part of your family.




I met you in the lobby of CMH when you were delivering 'Hope', your donation for the Gold Dust Gala. My mother had been in the hospital and very ill. It had been a very difficult 2 weeks for my family. Speaking to you that morning made me feel comforted and at ease for the first time during her illness. Thankfully, Mom is home and doing well. God bless you and I look forward to seeing more Angels.

Carole - Ventura, California


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Hi Carole,

Thank you for this wonderful email! I am honored that I could be a part of making you feel comforted during such a difficult time. I am very happy your Mom is doing well. God belss her and keep her safe.



We own Miranda, a beautiful angel that adorns our living room wall and graces our home. Her wings reflect sunlight and she looks different each day.

Since we got her, our home has felt more peaceful and our family has become closer as a result. Keep up the wonderful work!!

Frank and Katherine C. - Santa Maria, California


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Hi Frank and Katherine,

"Miranda" is one of my favorite angels. I am glad she has found a home with you and your family. God bless you both.



Well, my new angel, which was lovingly named, "Darling", by Shannon, the Artist's wife, has finally found her new home. I've mounted her to the wall right under a beautiful wall mirror! She is the center of attention when walking into my living room! I love her so much!!!

Since receiving my precious angel from the artist hands himself, I have had a great deal of encouragement welling up within my spirit! I actually got on the treadmill and started walking a mile a day since receiving my angel....she makes me want to live! I know that God sends angels to strengthen us, and we just can't see them, so I think of my angel as the outward apperance of the angel who is watching over me! She's something I can look at and remember how much God loves me!

This angel isn't just any angel...she's got butterfly wings, which makes her very special to me! When my mother was in a care center and on a respirator just before she passed on to Heaven, I had brought her a beautiful placemat that had an angel with butterfly wings on it! I mounted it on the wall of her care center room, in hopes that it would comfort my dear mother in knowing that one day she would be free and not pinned down to a bed! That's why I love butterflies so much, to me it represents a glorious transformation into a better place! That is my hope someday!

So when I was given this angel, I was flooded with strong emotions! First of all I realized the Grace of God, that He had allowed Bill Jeralds, to live and breath on his own after his close call with death, and then I remembered the angel with butterfly wings that watched over my precious mother! I did cry, but they weren't tears of saddness, but rather, tears filled with hope and the thankfulness of the gift that I was given!

Thank you Bill and Shannon for blessing me with my "Darling" Angel!
She means more to me than you will ever know!

In His Loving Peace,
Charmaine T - Phoenix, AZ



Hi Charmaine,

Wow, what a wonderful story!

Although "Darling" is one of my smaller angels in size, I can tell from your testimony that she has all the power and grace she needs.

I am thankful she has gone to a home where she will be loved and I hope she continues to bless your life, and the lives of others.